Flower Actually's Ultimate Flower Care Instructions

It is always a pleasure to receive floral arrangement as a gift but keeping it fresh and beautiful could be a challenge. Therefore we would like to make your life easier by sharing the ultimate flower care instructions with you.


Flowers are beautiful to look at but they tend to fade away in short period of time. In order to keep the blooms fresh and beautiful for longer period of time, simply follow our flower care instructions :

  1. Always use a clean vase filled with fresh water. A contaminated vase could cause bacteria grow and flowers to wilt quickly
  2. Keep the flower stems in lukewarm water. It is easier for flowers to adsorb lukewarm water as the hot water molecules move more quickly up the stem.
  3. Add the complimentary flower food that comes with all Flower Actually bouquet into your vase of water
  4. Use a clean knife or a pair of scissors to cut off 2-3cm of the stems at a sharp angle to allow the stems to absorb water easily.
  5. Remove any leaves under water to prevent bacteria which causes the flowers to wilt quickly.
  6. Change water and re-cut flower stems every two days.
  7. Keep Flower away from direct sun light and hot locations.

 How to care for your orchid plants 

Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants in the world . There are approximately 26600 recognised orchid species according to World Checklist of Selected Plant Families. The diversities and the beauties of orchids fascinate many flower lovers. Like many other plants, giving it extra love and care will help keep the orchid plants stay fresh and beautiful. Following Flower Actually's orchid care tips will make your life much easier.

    1. Growing Medium.It's a personal preference when it comes to growing medium.  There's a number of growing medium, such as redwood or fir bark, charcoal, sand, cork, rocks and moss, that could be used with orchid plants. 
    2. Orchid plants like indirect sunlight and partially shaded area. A daily of 6 hrs of indirect sunlight is recommended to keep it fresh and healthy. It is recommended to place the orchid plants in an east facing window or room as morning sunlight will not cause sun burn damage to orchid plants. 
    3. Water orchid plants. Sufficient water is needed for an orchid plant to stay healthy. Only water the orchid plant when you find the growing medium is dry.
    4. Orchid flowers. Orchid flowers bloom once a year and it usually lasts for a month. After all the flowers are dropped, it will bloom again in one year time. Change of growing medium is needed if the orchid flowers do not bloom.