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Rose Garden

Rose Garden

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Introducing the exquisite "Rose Garden" bouquet, an enchanting masterpiece crafted by Flower Actually, your premier destination for high-end floral arrangements in Hong Kong. This captivating bouquet showcases a symphony of delicate and alluring roses, including pink Ohara, purple roses, light pink roses, champagne roses, peach roses, and complemented by the graceful presence of white stock flowers.

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the Rose Garden bouquet, where each bloom tells a story of elegance and romance. The soft hues of pink Ohara roses exude a sense of grace and sophistication, while the deep purple roses add a touch of mystery and intrigue. The light pink roses embody tenderness and affection, while the Champagne roses exude an air of refinement. The peach roses bring warmth and sincerity, and the White stock flowers provide a gentle contrast, elevating the overall composition.

Our team of skilled artisans hand-selects each rose, ensuring only the finest quality blooms make their way into the Rose Garden bouquet. With meticulous attention to detail, our florists expertly arrange these stunning roses and delicate stock flowers, creating a harmonious blend of colours and textures that will captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

The Rose Garden bouquet is a true masterpiece, perfect for all occasions that call for an expression of love, appreciation, or celebration. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a romantic gesture, this bouquet is guaranteed to ignite emotions and create treasured memories.

Every Rose Garden bouquet is carefully packaged and delivered with utmost care, ensuring the flowers remain fresh and vibrant upon arrival. We take pride in providing an exceptional floral experience, from the moment you place your order to the joyous unboxing of your carefully crafted bouquet.

Elevate your floral gifting to new heights with the Rose Garden bouquet from Flower Actually. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature's most enchanting creation and let it speak the language of your heart.

Order your Rose Garden bouquet today and delight in the elegance and charm that only the finest roses can deliver. Embrace the magic of the Rose Garden, brought to you by Flower Actually, your trusted source for exquisite blooms in Hong Kong.





XL 花束寬度約 31-35xm


Flower Actually 的終極花卉護理說明

在 Flower Actually,我們相信美麗的插花應盡可能長久。這就是為什麼我們整理了終極花卉護理說明,以幫助您更長時間地保持花朵清新迷人。



  1. 使用裝滿淡水的干淨花瓶。臟花瓶會導致細菌滋生,從而使您的花很快枯萎。
  2. 將花莖放在溫水中。這有助於花朵更容易吸收水分,從而使它們保持新鮮。
  3. 將所有 Flower Actually 花束隨附的免費花卉食品添加到裝水的花瓶中。我們的花卉食品經過特殊配製,可讓您的花朵更長時間保持最佳狀態。
  4. 使用乾淨的刀或剪刀以銳角從莖上剪下 2-3 厘米。這有助於莖更容易吸收水分。
  5. 去除花瓶水線以下的所有葉子。這有助於防止細菌滋生並使您的花朵保持新鮮。
  6. 每兩天換水並重新切割莖幹。這有助於保持水的清潔和鮮花的新鮮。
  7. 讓你的花遠離陽光直射和炎熱的地方。這會導致它們迅速枯萎。



  1. 選擇適合蘭花需要的栽培介質。有多種選擇,例如紅木或冷杉樹皮、木炭、沙子、軟木、岩石和苔蘚。
  2. 將您的蘭花放在陽光直射和部分陰影的區域。蘭花在這些條件下茁壯成長,每天需要大約 6 小時的間接陽光照射。建議使用朝東的窗戶或房間,因為早晨的陽光不會對蘭花植物造成曬傷。
  3. 只有在生長介質乾燥時才給蘭花澆水。澆水過多會導致根部腐爛,這對蘭花來說可能是致命的。
  4. 蘭花每年開花一次,通常持續一個月。當所有的花都掉光後,你的蘭花將在一年後再次盛開。如果您的蘭花不開花,則可能需要更換生長介質。

有了這些技巧,您可以讓您的花卉和蘭花植物保持健康和美麗。在 Flower Actually,我們熱衷於幫助我們的客戶更長久地享受美麗的花朵。如果您有任何疑問或需要進一步的幫助,請隨時與我們聯繫。

進一步閱讀: 如何保持鮮花新鮮:行之有效的技巧和竅門



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