Best Hong Kong Florists, Flower Shops And Floral Designers For 2024

Looking for the best Hong Kong florist? You're in the right place!

These florists are more than just stores; they're places where art meets quality.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, these are our picks of the top florists who will give you beautiful flowers and great memories.


Why Trust Our Best Hong Kong Florist Recommendation?

Why should you trust our picks for the best Hong Kong florists?

Because at Flower Actually, we don't just list florists; we personally check them out.

We've seen their flowers, experienced their service, and made sure they're all about quality and great customer care.

Our list comes from real experience and a deep love for flowers. So, when we recommend a florist, it's because they've impressed us.


What Makes A Great Florist In Hong Kong

What sets a great florist apart in the bustling streets of Hong Kong?

It's not just about having a variety of flowers. We ranked the top Hong Kong Flower Shops using the metrics below :


  • Quality of Floral Arrangements
  • Customer Satisfaction and Reviews
  • Range of Services
  • Pricing and Value for Money
  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Innovation and Trends
  • Personalization and Customer Care


Top Hong Kong Florist : Our Picks

1.Flower Actually (#1 Hong Kong Florist)

Flower Actually Website

It’s not a coincidence that you are on and we came top on this list.

The result is based on a set of criteria to rank each florist.


Quality Of Floral Arrangements :

Flower Actually is known for its beautiful, unique flower arrangements. They mix classic and modern styles, making each bouquet special. Whether you want traditional roses or something more exotic, they've got you covered.


Experience and Expertise :

The creative director, Vianne Siu, of Flower Actually is a protege of Jasper Wu, the former World Champion of Floral Arrangement. She has been a florist for more than a decade and she keeps learning skills from the best florists all over the world.


Award And Recognition :

Flower Actually won the best online florist for 2021-2022. This accolade recognizes their commitment to quality, creativity, and exceptional customer service in the online floral industry.


Partnering with the Elite :

Their reputation for excellence extends beyond individual customers to high-profile collaborations. They provide floral arrangements for:

  • Michelin-starred restaurants: Their flowers grace the tables of some of the most renowned dining establishments, adding an extra touch of elegance to gourmet experiences.
  • Fashion Houses: They collaborate with leading fashion brands, creating floral designs that complement their high-end aesthetics and events.


Range of Services

Flower Actually offer a range of services to meet all your floral needs:

  • Same Day Flower Delivery: Quick and reliable same-day flower delivery service.
  • Custom Flower Bouquets/ Floral Arrangement Design: You can work with their florists to create a bouquet/floral arrangement that's uniquely yours.
  • Event Floral Decor: Whether it's a wedding or a corporate event, they provide bespoke floral decorations.
  • Flower Subscriptions: Fresh flowers and convenient subscription service.
  • Floral Workshops: Different workshops to learn the art of flower arrangement.
  • Quality Flowers: All their flowers are fresh and globally sourced


Value For Money

At first glance, the pricing of their products could be high.

But once you see the final product, you will understand why and it is worth every single penny.


Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Customers rave about Flower Actually's attention to detail and exceptional service.

All their Google reviews are 5 stars.

One review highlights, "The bouquet I ordered for my anniversary was not only stunning but also delivered with such care and punctuality."

Another customer mentions, "Their ability to capture my vision and turn it into a floral masterpiece was incredible."

These testimonials underscore their reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, making Flower Actually a top choice for anyone seeking extraordinary floral services in Tsim Sha Tsui.


2. Ngau Kee Flower

Ngau Kee Flower Website

Ngau Kee Flower has been in business and based in Tsim Sha Tsui for decades. They provide floral arrangements for different occasions.


Affordable Flowers

Their pricing are low considering they are located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. You pay for what you get.


A Variety of Floral Products

Ngau Kee Flower provide a range of products including bouquets, funeral flowers, orchids, grand opening flowers, and fruit basket


3. Bloom And Blossom

Bloom And Blossom Website

Bloom And Blossom is a high-end florist that provides various floral arrangements for all occasions.

Pricing is very high.

They also provide workshops and event decorations.


4. Grace and Favour

grace and favour website

Grace and Favour is a luxury flower shop situated in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. They also have a flower shop in Wanchai.

They provide a range of flower products including flower bouquets, flower boxes, and plants at premium prices.

They provide same-day flower delivery for orders placed by 2 pm.



Ranking Result

We ranked the top Tsim Sha Tsui Florist using the following metrics :

  • Quality of Floral Arrangements
  • Customer Satisfaction and Reviews
  • Range of Services
  • Pricing and Value for Money
  • Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing
  • Experience and Expertise
  • Innovation and Trends
  • Personalization and Customer Care

All floral designers were given a score of 5 for each metric. Flower Actually came #1 for each category.


Understanding Value Beyond Price

Our ranking reveals that higher prices don't always equate to the best quality or value for money in floral arrangements.

It's about finding a florist that aligns with your budget and specific requirements.

The best choice for you might not be the most expensive or cheapest option, but one that offers the right balance of quality, service, and price. And that’s why our top pick is Flower Actually



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