Grand Opening Flower Stands

Flower Actually provides grand opening flowers and stands in Hong Kong that suit all types of businesses. We do not believe in one size fits all, so instead of making mass market and mediocre grand opening flowers for the sake of sending flowers, we provide bespoke service to create floral arrangements that stand out from the crowd, and send a congratulatory message to the recipient to show appreciation of the occasion and that you really care.

Celebrating a new milestone - grand opening flowers

Life milestones and celebratory occasions deserve something grand and decent. It is a courtesy and a good gesture to congratulate someone for a grand opening by sending them unique and stunning floral arrangements. It can be said that a stunning grand opening flower stand can help bring a venue to life and enhance the atmosphere, and they send an important message to the recipients to show that they are special to you.

At Flower Actually, we believe that the act of congratulating others is very important, therefore we do not provide canned food like floral arrangements. We only provide bespoke grand opening flowers in Hong Kong as we all have different preferences and tastes for various occasions.  


Types of grand opening flowers in Hong Kong

First impressions matter and this also applies to flowers. If you want to make a good impression on your clients, look no further than Flower Actually since we could help you achieve exactly that. We provide a wide range of grand opening flower stands, grand opening baskets and boxes, which are good for small areas or reception areas, for you to choose from. Regardless of your selection, they will definitely catch the eyes of the recipient and stand out amongst other grand opening flower stands.

When designing our arrangements, it should look different for a new office, new branch, new shop and based on the nature of the business. We could arrange delightful floral arrangements based on your preferences, budget and the context.


Why choose Flower Actually?

If you are looking for eye-catching, stylish, unique and memorable grand opening flower stands, we are your first choice for all ground breaking events, graduations, annual dinners, new shop and branch openings.

Our aesthetic standards are a little different from most shops in the market. We do not arrange mediocre floral arrangements since flower giving sends an important message to the recipients. We are here to impress and bring joy to the recipients. We do not believe that mediocre and low budget grand opening flowers can bring a smile to anyone. If you want to show your business client that your sincere wishes for their success, we are always here to serve in any way we can.

Our talented and experienced artisans will arrange floral arrangements with creativity and impeccable taste, which always manages to impress even our most discerning customers and bring smiles to the faces of recipients. Simply let us know your preferences in terms of colour, flower types and your budget and we will give you our recommendations accordingly.

How long do flowers in grand opening flower stands usually last?

Flower Actually only uses the freshest and best blooms for all our arrangements including grand opening flowers. Flowers should easily last 2-3 days. Please bear in mind that some flowers tend to last longer than the others. Paying extra care to flowers will help them remain fresh and last longer.


What is the delivery fee? 

We provide free delivery across Hong Kong.


Do I have to order it in advance?

We strongly suggest you order your grand opening flower stand at least 3 days in advance, since we are custom making the floral arrangement for you. The more time we are given, the better we could prepare as well as allow for necessary logistical arrangements.


Contact us to learn more

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Please contact us should you have any questions about grand opening flowers and our customer representative will listen to your wants and needs, and then provide our professional suggestions accordingly. Your satisfaction is our motivation.