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Wedding Bouquets for A Special Day

Congratulations on finding the partner of your life. We are privileged to be part of your big day! Your wedding means the world to you and to us too! We will create a wedding bouquet that can truly reflect your personalities and impress your guests. Give us a call to set up a consultation session to discuss the dream wedding of your life, and order wedding bouquets for your Hong Kong wedding.

How to go about choosing your wedding bouquet?

A floral designer VS a florist

If you are just looking for ordinary bouquets, boutonnieres and table arrangements, a flower shop can work just fine. But if you are looking for unique and beautiful wedding flower arrangements including bouquets, boutonnieres table arrangements and floral arches that can bring a theme to life, then you will need a floral designer like Flower Actually. We listen to your wants and needs, and then provide floral arrangements that will reflect your unique personalities and leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Your Budget

When it comes to floral arrangements and wedding flowers, it is always true that the more budget the merrier. The higher the budget will allow the floral designer to have more room to be creative and use various kinds of flowers to make a unique floral arrangement. Share your budget, your wants and needs with a floral designer and see what can be delivered with the funds available.

Most popular flowers for wedding bouquet

It could be overwhelming when it comes to choosing specific blooms for your wedding bouquet in Hong Kong, especially if you do not know much about flowers. But do not worry! We have gathered a list of most popular wedding flowers for you below.


Roses are versatile and good for all sorts of occasions including weddings! There are more than 100+ types of roses. Larger roses such as Ohara can be used for face flowers whereas spray roses can be used to add textures and varieties to the wedding bouquet.


Everyone likes hydrangeas. They come in various colours, and white and blue hydrangeas are often used for wedding bouquets in Hong Kong. Please note that hydrangeas need a lot of water, otherwise they will wield quickly


Orchids are elegant and stunning. Orchids are not only used for gift-giving, but they can also be used in a creative way to make an unique wedding bouquet. 


The size of a dahlia could be as big as your head, which makes it ideal to be a face flower. They are very eye-catching and come in various colours.


There is a big demand for Peonies when it comes to wedding flowers in Hong Kong. The texture of peony is stunning and the size of a peony makes it perfect to be a face flower. Peonies are seasonal flowers, so make sure to consult with your floral designer before making a decision. 


Anemones are simply beautiful. They draw attention and could be used alone or mixed with other flowers. You have to pay extra care to them since they are very delicate. Anemones are seasonal flowers and make sure you consult with your floral designer before making a decision.

Calla Lilies

This trumpet-shaped flower is simply divine. They come in various colours and creamy ivory is the most popular whereas dark purple is a great choice for a stylish wedding bouquet.


The flower meaning of tulip is “happy years”, which makes it a great choice for wedding flowers. They are available for much of the year and they come in a wide range of colours.


The multi-petaled is available in a wide range of hues including white, yellow, pink and orange.