About Us

About Us

Flower Actually are a Hong Kong's number one online florist, which is recognized by Best Hong Kong Flower DeliveryBest Florist review and Trusted gift review, providing Hong Kong free flower delivery for products like bouquets, grand opening flower stands, wedding bouquets, venue decorations for occasions such as Birthday, Valentine's day, Mother's day, Wedding and Christmas...etc. We are also number one florist for those who want to send flower to Hong Kong. 

We are proud to be bringing the shopping flowers and gifts experience online, reminding people just how special and easy the act of giving and receiving floral arrangements can be. We provide the best quality flowers, bouquets and most reliable Hong Kong flower delivery service.  

Our Creative Director is a protege of Jasper Wu, the former world champion of floral arrangement. We redefine what a beautiful floral arrangement should look like and set the bar high for other competitors.

We aim to combine a beautiful to look at, easy-to use, quality assured and reliable flower delivery service with the spark and magic that only the most passionate and skilled florists can bring to a bouquet. 

We don’t believe that floral arrangement is merely a gift. A gift should create amazing feelings and memories that could be taken to one's heart. Flowers at their best can truly excite the senses, whatever the occasion, whatever the location: from Mother’s Day arrangements to Valentine’s Day bouquets
Every item that you see on our site is unique, which means it will also be unique to the sender and loved one who receives it. We don’t create boring, generic bouquets, instead we create bouquets based on nature’s seasonality and their own characteristics.

We aim to help customers, who might not be familiar with flowers, to choose the best quality flowers and bouquets to suit the occasions for their loved ones with ease. We are always there for you. Whatever you need, just give us a call and we will strive to deliver.