You can never go wrong by going with roses. Red roses are beautiful, classic, timeless and the colour of red is associated with passion, love and romance. 

Flower Actually have floral arrangements for all occasion such as Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulation and Wedding...etc. In addition, we provide 99 roses and  bespoke services by creating an unique bouquet of flower with roses specially for you. 

Why should you order roses from Flower Actually?

First of all, we never fail you. Flower Actually provide premium floral arrangements that are different from the mass market. Our creative director is a protege of the former world champion of floral arrangement - Jasper Wu. We provide a real option and proper floral arrangements to the HK market and set the bar high for other competitors.


Buy from the Best Roses Specialist

Flower Actually select the best and freshest flowers to use in our bouquets. We choose the best roses in the market which will wow any women in the world.