Rose Bouquets

Rose bouquet delivery from Flower Actually

Flower Actually uses only the best and freshest roses for our floral arrangements which are carefully crafted by our talented artisans. Our roses always manage to wow our recipients. Our creative director is a protege of the former world champion of floral arrangement - Jasper Wu. We provide a solid option and proper floral arrangements to the HK market, and set the bar high for other competitors. So let us know what rose bouquet you wish to get and we will have it arranged to your liking. Also, we provide convenient and free rose bouquet delivery across Hong Kong.

The best rose bouquets in Hong Kong

It is always easier to convey your feelings by sending a rose bouquet to your beloved ones than finding the right words to tell them. A reliable and efficient rose delivery makes it easier to express your feelings in the most romantic way. Send rose bouquets in Hong Kong today through Flower Actually!

Why should you go with a rose bouquet?

Red rose bouquets are beautiful, classic, timeless and the colour of red is associated with passion, love and romance. Rose bouquet not only is good for conveying romantic feelings, but it also is good for conveying other feelings based on colours and occasions. Some rose bouquets are perfect for friends’ birthdays, while others could be good for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s day.

The meanings of 1 to 100 roses

The number of roses in a rose bouquet has different meanings. We have created an ultimate guide on the meanings of roses from 1 to 100 to help you decide what size of a rose bouquet you should get.

Number of rose



Love at first sight


Mutual love and affection


A traditional three-month anniversary gift which stands for I Love you




We will be together forever


You are perfect


Be Mine


You will be friends forever


I am sorry


I am sincere towards you


I am dedicated to you


I am yours




I am head over heels in love


My love for you is genuine


Unconditional love


I will love you till the end of the world


I am totally devoted to you

The meanings behind different rose colours

Roses come across as an expression of love and they come in various colours. It could be personal preferences when it comes to choosing the specific colours of roses. But did you know that the rose colours have different meanings? To help you convey your feelings and messages correctly, we are sharing the ultimate guide on meanings of rose colours with you.

Red Roses

Red roses are the most popular rose bouquet that are used to convey affection across the globe. The degrees of affection can be conveyed using different shades of red roses. For instance, bright red roses convey the feeling of romance, whereas burgundy roses suggest your feelings have not been revealed.

Pink Roses

Pink roses are a symbol of grace, gratitude and joy. In comparison to red roses, pink roses convey gentleness and admiration. Dark pink roses could be used for saying thank you and showing appreciation, whereas pale pink conveys gentleness, which could be used for more sympathetic occasions. Medium pink roses are the most versatile and they could be used for all sorts of occasions.

White Roses

White roses signify purity, chastity and innocence. White roses bouquets are often used for weddings, christenings and graduations. In addition, white roses indicate respect or remembrance. White roses bouquet could be an appropriate choice to send to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Purple Roses

Purple roses are a symbol of fascination or adoration. Purple roses are often associated with royalty and are often given to queens and kings. For happy occasions or celebrations, deep purple roses are a good choice to send to make the recipient feel special. Lavender roses have a meaning of “love at first sight”.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses indicate caring and friendship. Yellow roses are appropriate to send to friends to tell them you are thinking of them, and that you care for them.

Orange Roses

Orange roses are symbols of passion and enthusiasm which could be a good alternative to red roses for conveying passion and romance.

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