20 Most Popular Valentine's day Flowers 2024

20 Most Popular Valentine's day Flowers 2024

Why are flowers so meaningful on Valentine's Day? It is the language of the flowers that helps the senders convey the passionate emotions to the beloved ones. Every type of flower represents a unique meaning and the sender’s hidden messages. Particularly for rose, it stands for passion, desire, romance, and true love. With rose bloom, recipients receive a very powerful and enchanted message of “I Love You”. For long, Valentine's Day is associated with roses. This is why Valentine's Day is the best time of the year to express your heart-warming message to your beloved ones.

When is Valentine's Day?

Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.

Finding the right flowers for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, choosing the right Valentine's Day flowers can be an important decision. The type of flower you choose will depend on your personal style, budget and the occasion. Roses are a popular choice for Valentine’s day as they are typically inexpensive and widely available. There are other types of flowers that would also make a beautiful bouquet or plant. Lilies are perfect for a romantic occasion, tulips offer a delicate look, and peonies offer a festive pop of color. If you have something specific in mind, shop by flower type to find your perfect match.

Which Valentine's day Flowers are on the list?

1. Rose Royce Flower Bouquet

You could never go wrong with this stunning bouquet of roses to convey your feelings for the important one in your life.  Different numbers of roses have different meanings, please choose accordingly or give us a call for a specific number of roses needed.

2. The Touch Of Class

This classy bouquet of flowers is made of delicate colours and texture. Beautiful to look at and its use of pleasant colours simply lift up the mood of the day. A brilliant gift for someone special in your life and sending it along with our "Bear with Me" bear will definitely make it an unforgettable experience.

3. Ginger Bread Man Flower Bouquet

A vivid coloured bouquet adds an extra festive vibe to this Christmas! Let's celebrate Christmas by sending this stunning bouquet to make their day!

Flowers pictured included Lily of the Incas, Lisianthus, rose, Pinecone, Dried lime (whole or sliced) and Echinops latifolius.

4. I Remember Flower Bouquet

This fairy and elegant bouquet of flowers is fabulously versatile when you have something important to say to your loved one.

Flower pictured included Eustoma, Lily of the Incas, Foxtail Lily

5. You are so beautiful to me

This dreamy bouquet will brighten anyone's day up. 

6. Madly In Love

This stunning bouquet of flowers is a symbol of passionate love. You could tell when a person is madly in love which is exactly like this fiery bouquet. Make a statement by sending this beautiful bouquet of roses to tell them how much you love them. 

7. Senorita Flower Bouquet

A feminine bouquet with a touch of wildness which symbolises beauty, youth and energy

8. Tinker Bell Flower Bouquet

This fairy bouquet is full of vivid coloured flowers with delicate textures

9. Uncoditional Love Flower Bouquet

This pastel coloured bouquet is subtle and yet elegant which makes it a perfect gift for someone you want to put a smile on their face

10. A Whole New World Flower Bouquet

This elegant bouquet of white roses signifies a new beginning or marriage. Send this beauty to an important one in your life to say "I am thinking of you". 

11. First Love

The combination of dreamy pink roses and red carnations makes this bouquet as fascinating as a rare gem stone. 

12. Dynamite

This festive autumnal bouquet warms the heart of someone you truly care for and the vivid colours of the bouquet make one feel like walking through the fall forest.

13. The Peacock

The shimmering beauty of this flower box is a perfect gift to make a statement to someone you truly care

14. I Dream Of You Flower Bouquet

I see you everywhere .I see you wherever I go. I dream of you even when my eyes are closed.

15. The Royals

Purple is associated with wisdom, mystery, royalty and magic. Send this stunning bouquet to someone special in your life.

16. Joy

The use of the vivid colours in this bouquet conveys a wave of warmth and happiness to the recipient

17. Pink Me Up

This dreamy flower box will melt anyone's heart

18. My Wishes Flower Bouquet

The elegance and sophistication of this bouquet will compliment well with someone your truly care for.

19. Rose Garden

The garden of roses.

20. Colour Wheel

The vivid colours of this bouquet is packed with happiness and energy which makes it perfect to cheer someone up with.


How to send Valentine's Day flowers

There are two ways to send flowers on Valentine’s Day. The first is to order them online and the second is to head to a nearby flower shop. If you choose the latter, be sure to call ahead of time and place your order, or else you might not have what you want when you arrive. You should also inquire about flower delivery fees before placing your order so there are no surprises when they come up at checkout. Regardless of whether or not you buy them yourself in person or online, remember that it’s important to include a note with your order that says something sweet—it doesn’t need to be anything elaborate, just a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you very much!” will do. You can also include any specific requests (like the color bouquet or type of card) here as well if you want to make sure they get done right!

Pro tip: Don't forget the card!

You might have seen someone give a gift of flowers without a card, but it’s important that you don't forget the card. The card is what reiterates to the recipient just how much they mean to you. It's also nice for the recipient to be able to read your well-wishes in your own words instead of trying to decipher what type of flowers they are or who sent them.

Best Hong Kong Flower Delivery Services for Valentine's Day

Flower Actually is the best flower delivery in Hong Kong. When you want to bring delightful and beautiful flower arrangements to your important ones and a smile on their faces are guaranteed.


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you’ve been in a fog of confusion about what to get your loved one. You’re not alone. We here at Flower Actually are happy to help you find the perfect Valentine's Day Flowers. Whether it’s your mom, grandma, wife, or friend, we have the perfect flower bouquet for any occasion. Be sure to get flowers with plenty of time to spare so they arrive in time! And don’t forget to add a special card!

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