The Hong Kong Flower Market Guide 2024

The Hong Kong Flower Market Guide 2024

The Hong Kong Flower Market, located in Prince Edward, Kowloon, is one of the most enchanting places in Hong Kong. This market is a hub for a variety of florists and retailers, drawing not only flower enthusiasts but also tourists as a popular attraction. It's common to see visitors snapping photos here. This article, brought to you by Flower Actually, provides a guide to the Hong Kong Flower Market, helping you to explore the flower shops in Prince Edward and this verdant treasure trove more deeply.



What Is The History of the Hong Kong Flower Market ?

Flower Market Road, also known as Flower Market Road, is situated in the Yau Tsim Mong District of Hong Kong. It's a historically rich and famous road, known for the Mong Kok Flower Market formed by several florist shops along the road. The road runs east to west in the northern Mong Kok area, parallel to Prince Edward Road West, stretching from Laundry Street on its west end to Garden Street (Bird Street) on the east, covering a length of about 300 meters.

The history of Flower Market Road dates back to the late 19th century. Before 1889, Boundary Street served as the Sino-British border checkpoint, opening at 6 a.m. and closing after sunset. However, with a significant increase in Hong Kong's flower supply in the 1900s, flower farmers began gathering in what is now Flower Market Road to sell their flowers daily. They named it "Flower Market" because in Cantonese, markets that gather and vacate after closing are called "墟市" , thus the name. Later, the government developed this area into a street, naming it Flower Market Road to commemorate this place filled with history and floral culture.


Where is the Hong Kong Flower Market located?

The Hong Kong Flower Market is easily accessible in Prince Edward, Kowloon. You can choose to take a bus, minibus, or the MTR.

Flower Market Map


How Do I Get To the Hong Kong Flower Market?

If you are taking the MTR, simply follow these routes:

1. Alight at Prince Edward station, take Exit B1, then proceed toward Prince Edward Road West.

2. Alight at Mong Kok East station, take Exit C, then walk towards Laundry Street via the pedestrian bridge, following the signs.


Prince Edward MTR B1 Exit

For minibuses/buses:

- Take minibus routes 61S, 12, 17M, 70A, 46, 63S, 65S, 66S, 70, 58S, 805S to New World Centre station, follow the signs for a few minutes into Laundry Street, then turn right after about a minute.

- Take bus routes 1, 1A, 2C, 104, 203 to Prince Edward station, proceed along Prince Edward Road West to Laundry Street, then turn right after about a minute.



What are the operating hours of the Hong Kong Flower Market?

Hong Kong Flower Market shops are open almost all year round (except during the New Year holidays), with daily operating hours from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Typically, shops selling flowers from China tend to open earlier as Chinese flower shipments usually arrive around 9:00 AM. It is recommended to visit after 10 AM to purchase and view flowers from various origins, as some shops may open later.


What is the best day and time to buy flowers from the Hong Kong Flower Market?

Fresh flowers from China generally arrive at the flower market around 9 AM every day, so if you want to purchase fresh Chinese flowers, it's best to go to the market in the morning. Flowers from Vietnam are delivered to Hong Kong twice a week, typically on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the arrival time usually around noon. Flowers imported from other origins, such as Dutch flowers, are generally delivered to Hong Kong on Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually in the afternoon. Only a few shops will have Dutch flowers available on Saturdays.


What flowers can I get from the Hong Kong Flower Market?

The Hong Kong Flower Market offers a wide variety of fresh flowers, bouquets, grand opening flower baskets, terrariums, and plants for your selection and order. You can find both Chinese and imported flowers, local and imported orchids, as well as various seeds, fertilizers, gardening tools and supplies, vases, and pots, preserved flowers, and more. It's truly a paradise for flower enthusiasts!


What are the recommended Flower Shops in the Hong Kong Flower Market?

The Flower Market is not only filled with beautiful flowers but also features many unique flower shops, each with its own special offerings. Here are some shops you might like:

1. Brighten: Established in 1979, it's one of the largest floristry and gardening retail stores in Hong Kong. They offer a wide range of imported and domestic fresh flowers, potted plants, gardening supplies, and more.


2. Wayfoong Florist: With over 40 years of history in flower sales, Wayfoong Florist is renowned for selling and cultivating flowers, and distributing them worldwide.


3. Hing Fat Flower Market: A retail outlet opened by Hing Fat Flower Group in 2015, known for supplying quality seasonal flowers from different countries.

Hing Fat

4. Rainbow: Mainly offers affordable flowers from Vietnam, China, and Taiwan, popular for wholesale.

Rainbow flower

5. Lucky Flower : Specializes in a variety of orchids.

Lucky flower


6. Hay fever : They sell plants imported from Japan and they have a cafe inside the shop.

Hay Fever


These flower shops each have their unique features and provide a wide range of floral and gardening services. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you're a flower enthusiast or looking for a special floral gift, the flower shops at the Hong Kong Flower Market will meet your needs


What is the 2024 Lunar New Year crowd and traffic management for Hong Kong Flower Market?

In anticipation of the Lunar New Year, significant crowd management and traffic adjustments are set to take place in the Mong Kok Flower Market area. This initiative, running from tomorrow until next Saturday (3rd to 10th), aims to facilitate a smooth shopping experience for those purchasing festive flowers while ensuring traffic flow and public safety.

Crowd Control and Traffic Measures:

  • Enforcement authorities will monitor and manage crowd flow on Flower Market Road, Gardening Street, Nursery Street, and nearby areas including Prince Edward Road West, Laundry Street, Garden Street, and Stadium Path.
  • Special traffic arrangements include the closure of specific roads to all but permit-holding vehicles. Affected roads are Flower Market Road, Gardening Street, Nursery Street, and parts of Prince Edward Road West.

Road Closures and Permit Access:

  • The closures are scheduled from 8 am tomorrow until 8 am next Saturday.
  • Permitted vehicles can access the mentioned roads daily from 12:01 am to 5 pm.

Detour and No-Entry Restrictions:

  • Vehicles heading west on Prince Edward Road West are prohibited from turning right into Laundry Street, with recommended alternative routes.
  • Certain U-turns near Nathan Road are also restricted.

Possible Additional Closures:

  • Depending on traffic and crowd situations, additional closures may include parts of Laundry Street, Garden Street, Stadium Path, and Prince Edward Road West.

Parking Restrictions:

  • Temporary suspension of parking spaces on several streets, including areas designated for persons with disabilities. Specific restrictions apply next Friday (9th) from 8 am to the following morning.


  • Illegally parked vehicles face towing or ticketing without warning.
  • Authorities will adapt their strategies based on real-time conditions, recommending public transport as the best way to access the area.

These measures are designed to ensure a safe and orderly environment for everyone visiting the Flower Market during this festive period.



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