How to Keep Flowers Fresh: Proven Tips and Tricks

Keeping flowers fresh can be a tricky task, but with the right methods and techniques, it's possible to make your blooms last longer and look their best. In this article, we'll share some of our top tips for keeping flowers fresh, so you can enjoy your flowers for days, weeks, or even months.


The Science of keeping flowers fresh 

In order to understand why and the know-how to keep flowers fresh longer. We suggest you to have an experiment as below.


Question :

What can you do to keep flowers fresh longer ?

Prepare the following materials : 

  • 6 stems of same types of flower
  • 6 vases
  • Scissors
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Sugar

Steps :

  1. Put one flower in each vase.
  2. Fill all the vases with water just below the flowers' leaves.
  3. Write " Flower #1" on a sticky label and place it on the first vase
  4. Write " Flower #2 cut" on a sticky label and place it on the second vase.
  5. Cut the stem of the Flower 2 at a 45-degree angle and put it in the second vase.
  6. Write " Flower #3 Sugar1" on a sticky label and place it on the third vase
  7. Add one teaspoon of sugar to the third vase.
  8. Write " Flower #4 Sugar3" on a sticky label and place it on the fourth vase
  9. Add three teaspoon of sugar to the fourth vase.
  10. Write " Flower #5 Bleach1" on a sticky label and place it on the fifth vase
  11. Add one teaspoon of bleach to the fifth vase.
  12. Write " Flower #6 Bleach3" on a sticky label and place it on the sixth vase.
  13. Add three teaspoon of bleach to the sixth vase.
  14. Place six vases next to each other in a sunny area.
  15. There are three groups of flowers for observation, which are flower #1 and flower #2cut, flower #3 sugar 1and flower #4 sugar3, flower #5 bleach1 and flower #6 bleach 3 respectively.

Results :

For each group of flowers, one should have stayed fresh longer than the other. 

  • Flower #2Cut should have stayed fresh longer than Flower #1. 
  • Flower #3 sugar 1 should have stayed fresh longer than Flower #4 sugar 3.
  • Flower #5 bleach 1 should have stayed fresh longer than Flower #6 bleach 3.

The Science behind the results

Soil provides important nutrients for all plants including flowers to live. Plants and flowers absorb nutrients from the soil and make sugar through photosynthesis. Sunlight is a vital factor for photosynthesis. Plant get energy through absorbing sunlight using its leaves. Flowers lose a large amount of nutrients the roots, leaves and stems get from soil once they are taken will  out of soil and put into water. Cutting the stem of flower at a 45-degree angle will allow it to absorb water better; thus, the flower will stay fresher for longer.

Sugar and bleach help flowers stay fresh longer. Sugar provides nutrients to flower which cannot be found in water. Adding bleach to water could keep the water clean and kill bacteria that causes flowers to wilt faster. However, using too much of sugar and bleach could do more harm than goods to flowers than adding nothing to the water. That explains why Flower #3 and Flower #5 stayed fresh longer than Flower #4 and Flower #6. 

Now we understand the science behind keeping flower fresh. In order to keep your flowers stay fresh longer, please follow the tips and tricks below.


1. Start with Fresh Flowers

The first step to keeping flowers fresh is to start with fresh flowers. When buying flowers, look for blooms that are in full bloom and have a healthy appearance. Avoid flowers that are wilted or have browning petals. It's also a good idea to choose flowers that are in season, as these will be fresher and more resilient.

2. Cut the Stems

Once you have your fresh flowers, the next step is to cut the stems. This will help the flowers absorb water and nutrients more effectively. Use a sharp pair of scissors or a knife to make a clean cut at an angle. This will help prevent the stems from sitting flat on the bottom of the vase, which can prevent water from flowing through the stems.

3. Use Clean Water

It's important to use clean water for your flowers, as dirty water can contain bacteria and other organisms that can shorten the life of your flowers. Change the water in your vase at least every two days, and use a clean vase each time.

4. Add Flower Food

Flower food is a specially formulated solution that contains nutrients and other compounds that can help keep flowers fresh. You can find flower food at most florists and garden centres. Simply add the recommended amount of flower food to your vase, according to the package instructions.

5. Keep Flowers Out of Direct Sunlight

Flowers can be damaged by direct sunlight, so it's best to keep them in a cool, shaded area. Avoid placing them near windows or doors where they may be exposed to direct sunlight or drafts.

6. Monitor the Temperature

Flowers prefer a cool environment, so it's best to keep them away from heat sources such as radiators or heat vents. If you must keep them near a heat source, be sure to mist the flowers with water to help keep them cool.

7. Keep an Eye on the Water Level

As the flowers absorb water, the water level in the vase will drop. Be sure to keep an eye on the water level and add more as needed.

8. Remove Dead Flowers

As your flowers begin to wilt, it's important to remove the dead blooms. This will help keep the remaining flowers looking fresh, and will also prevent the spread of bacteria and other organisms.



Q : Does vinegar make flowers last longer ?

A : Adding vinegar into water does make flowers last longer since it helps inhibit the growth of bacteria


Q : What can I use instead of flower food ?

A : A few drop of bleach and a teaspoon of sugar could be a good alternative if you do not have flower food. Bleach could kill bacteria in water and sugar provides nutrients to flowers

Q : Does baking soda help preserve flowers? 

A : Using baking soda alone might not help preserve flowers. Combine it with sugar and some form of acid could help preserve flowers.

Q : How long can you keep flowers before they wilt ?

A : Flowers can stay fresh from a few days to a week or more. A lot of factors could affect how long flowers could stay fresh for. The better care you provide for them and the longer they will last. 

Q : Does cold water make flowers last longer ?

A : It depends. The stems of cut flowers do dry out and form bubbles if they are stored dry or being transported. Cutting the stems and putting them in cold water could help get rid of the air bubbles. The stems will therefore absorb water better. 

Q : Why put a penny into a vase of flowers? 

A : Penny is fungicide which kills and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. It does help keep the flower fresh longer.



By following these tips, you can help keep your flowers fresh for longer, so you can enjoy their beauty for days, weeks, or even months. Remember to start with fresh flowers, cut the stems, use clean water, add flower food, keep flowers out of direct sunlight, monitor the temperature, keep an eye on the water level and remove dead flowers.

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