The Ultimate Flower Astrology Guide

The Ultimate Flower Astrology Guide

Not sure what floral arrangement you should buy? What colour of flower you should get ? You might get inspirations by looking at the stars! Today we are sharing our The Ultimate Astrology Flower Guide with you - everything you need to know about what floral arrangement to buy for all horoscopes in order to unlock someone's heart.

Aries ♈ : March 21 - April 19

Symbol : Ram

Element : 🔥 Fire

Planet :  Mars

House : 1st House

Colour : 🔴 Red


Aries Sign Traits

Being the 1st sign of the zodiac, Aries are the pioneers and leaders of the lot and always take initiative. Having amazing leadership and like to take initiative don't necessarily mean that Aries will deliver. Aries are the ones you should go to when you have a project that needs someone to get things going. They are charming leaders that lead with with extraordinary charisma.   

Aries Symbol & Element

Ram is the symbol of the Aries. Aries are competitive and love to get things going and win. The impulsiveness of Aries could be a good and bad things as they are brilliant leader to lead the line but they could be extremely blunts to people at times.
Mars was the God of War of Roman mythology which rules Aries. They both share the same traits which are boldness, aggression and courage.  
Fire is the element of Aries. Aries have unbelievable eagerness, desire and enthusiasm to get physically involved. They tend to jump into things with both feet and hardly regret anything even decisions may later prove to have been rushed.

Aries Strength And Weaknesses

Aries are independent, energetic and love get things going. They are extremely competitive and never afraid of taking battles. They are exceptional leaders but they have a tendency not to finish what they have started. Never try to argue with Aries as they always have the last word. Red is the colour of Ram and fire is the element of Aries, so you could probably can imagine how those shape the characteristics of Aries.  

Flowers for Aries

Tulips and Red Roses are flowers that could appeal to Aries as the meaning of tulips is perfect love and red roses symbolize passion and strength  

Taurus : April 20 - May 20

Symbol : Bull

Element : Earth

Planet :  Venus

House : 2nd House

Colour : Green 


Taurus Sign Traits

Taurus, the 2nd house and also the sign of the zodiac, loves being pampered with material goods and enjoy physical pleasures! 
Taurus is artistic and also enjoys a life of luxury ranging from fine wine to art collections. 

Taurus Symbol & Element

Taurus's symbol is Bull. Unlike Aries who like to get things going without completing, Taurus tends to get things done with persistence. As a result, Taurus could be come across as stubborn sometimes.
Out of the 12 zodiac signs, Bulls are the most pragmatic and reliable one, and they are willing to plod through work in order to reach their goals. Bulls tend to reward themselves well once they have achieved their goals. 
Venus was the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure and rules Taurus. Enjoying life with fine things is in the blood of Taurus. Bulls could come across as materialistic as they can't accept life without fine things. Earth is the element of Taurus and it makes them very practical. 
Taurus's Strength And Weaknesses
Taurus tends to be romantic and loyal and likes a stable relationship. Apart from that, Taurus tends to work hard to keep friends happy.
Being practical makes Bulls come across as conservative at times. Taurus is very patient and likes to take things a step by step and slowly until the final goal is reached. Like the element of Taurus, they are very down to earth.

Flower For Taurus

Reward and pamper Taurus with Roses 


Gemini : May 21 - June 20

Symbol : Twins

Element : Air

Planet : Mercury

House :  3rd

Colour : Blue and Yellow

Gemini Sign Traits

The 3rd sign of the zodiac is a chatterbox. Gemini is very diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation. Gemini loves gathering as much information as possible and loves to share the information with people they love. Geminis are clever,mentally nimble and resourceful. You will never get bored with a Gemini by your side. 


Gemini Symbol and Element 

Gemini could be come across as unstable and fickle as you never know which of the Twins show up most of the time!
Geminis can be weak in willpower as their mood could drastically change on a sudden desire. Geminis are very good at adapting and multi-tasking. They have high curiosity but tend to not get through to the end.
Geminis are ruled by Mercury. Geminis are not just only clever and have high curiosity, they love to talk and they also are good listeners and learners.  
The element of Gemini is air. Air is usually associated with thinkers. Geminis value intellect the most and see it the key to everything.

Gemini's Strength And Weaknesses

Gemini could get bored easily and they need to find interesting things to keep themselves engaged. 
When it comes to work, Geminis are the brains of a company. They are thinkers and tend to look at things with different angles and they always come up with brilliant ideas. However, Geminis are not good at taking the lead as they don't take initiative.
Geminis are very logical and sometimes could be come across as cold and unemotional when it comes to a relationship. Geminis appear to be young at all time because of their youthful spirit.  
Geminis are very good at team events. They love to read as they love getting information. Gemini could be playful and endlessly fun when it comes to romance.
Gemini is excellent at communication and also at thinking clearly. They are great companions and they love sharing themselves with their friends.

Flowers for Gemini

Lavender shares the same characteristics of Gemini both are full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness.

 Cancer : June 21 - July 22

 Symbol: Crab

 Element : Water

 Planet: Moon

 House : 4th

 Colour: Silver or white

 Cancer Sign Traits

 Cancer enjoys the comforts of home and family. Cancer has the characteristic of   a mother who is domestic and loves to nurture others. Cancer tends to have a       large family.   
 Cancer tends to be patriotic and has good memory. They could get emotional   about things at times. 

 Cancer Symbol and Element

 Crab is the symbol of Cancer and they have a tendency not being able to share     their true feelings. They tend to hide and could be moody at times when things   do not go their way. Cancer would use whatever it takes to make things happen.   Kindness, gentleness and emotional manipulations, you name it. If things do not   work  out the way they expect, they would sulk and find a way to get revenge.
 Moon rules Cancers. The Moon rules moods which Cancers have a lot. The   Moon is also associated with fertility which is great for Cancers as they love big   family. Water is the element of Cancer which makes them very emotional! 

Cancer's strength and weaknesses 

 Cancers are very sensitive and they can get upset, angry and worried easily.   Having said that, Crabs are also sympathetic to others and tend to show     affection for the others. Crabs are also good with money. The sun sign of Cancer   offers assistance to others when needed and tends to avoid confrontations.
Cancers love working out and they love team sports. The great strength of Cancer is that they always protect their loved ones. Peace and comfortable home is all Cancer asks for.

Flowers for Cancer

Delphinium, dolphin-shaped flower, is the perfect flower for Cancer since it matches its water sign. 

 Leo: July 23 - August 22

 Symbol: Lion

 Element : Fire

 Planet: Sun

 House : 5th

 Colour: Purple and gold

 Leo Sign Traits

 Leo loves attention and it's difficult, if not impossible, to miss them. Leo loves to   impress and is also very ambitious and they tend to accomplish a great deal.   
 Leo seeks for  the limelight and it is quite common to see a lot of celebrities are under this sign. Leo is talented, enthusiastic and a pleasure to be with.

 Leo Symbol and Element

 Lion is the symbol of Leo and it makes them think they are the king of the jungle.   Leo is strong and dignified and as a result they tend to get things done. They are   natural leaders, very organised, inspiring and good at leading a team to   accomplish a great deal.  
 Sun rules Leo and once again it makes them think they are the center of the   universe! Fire is the element of Leo which adds fuel to the fire ! 

Leo's strength and weaknesses 

Leo is very determined to succeed and their enthusiasm is boundless. They are brave, proud, decisive and romantic. They are excellent leaders and could lead the line when it matters!
Leo attracts all kinds of people due to its confidence, leadership and forward-thinking. Leo also enjoys spending money and gambling. Leo enjoys fun and indoor and outdoor games. Leo is very romantic and sometimes could be too hot to handle. They are very devoted lovers.
Leo is creative and good at being a leader. They are ambitious and tend to accomplish a great deal and have fun while they are at it. 

Flower for Leo

Sun flowers draw people's attentions like Leo. They are also associated with strength and optimism which match Leo. 
Yellow and orange bouquet

Virgo: August 23 - September 22

 Symbol: Virgin

 Element : Earth

 Planet: Mercury

 House : 6th

 Colour: Yellow and Tan

 Virgo Sign Traits

Virgo is usually come across as picky and could be seen as OCD at times as they are so obsessive with details Virgo enjoys helping and serving the others. Virgo's traits are very diligent,hard working, everything is done orderly and efficiently. 

 Virgo Symbol and Element

 Virgin is the symbol of Virgo. Modesty and humanity are the qualities of a Virgin.
Virgos are excellent at fact finding as they are so detail oriented and never overlook. 
 Mercury is full of energy mentally and physically and rules Virgo. Those born under this sign are excellent communicators and tend to get a great deal of things done. 
Virgo are very skeptic since they like to over- think everything. Earth is the the element of Virgo which keeps their feet on ground. 

Virgo's strength and weaknesses 

Virgo is a perfectionist and enjoys studying everything in great details, whether it is work or relationship. Virgo is neat, clean , reliable and good to have around. Virgo is picky and materialistic

Flower for Virgo

Star-shaped flowers, Daisies, suits someone like Virgo who is so detail oriented. 

Libra: September 23 - October 22

 Symbol: Scales

 Element : Air

 Planet: Venus

 House : 7th

 Colour: Pink and Ivory and light blue

 Libra Sign Traits

 Libra is a great team player who doesn't like to be alone.
 For Libra, two is better than one and that's why they like to be accompanied.  They are perfect example of harmony. balance and fair of play. Libras feel their life is complete once they have found a partner.  

 Libra Symbol and Element

Scale is the symbol of Libra which tends to stay balanced. Libras strive to keep everyone happy. Finding peace and harmony is so important to Libra and they tend to avoid confrontations whenever possible.
Venus rules Libra and they love pleasurable excess. Libras are good at organising groups and keen strategists. Scales are very sociable. 
Libra is sophisticated and love beautiful things and people. Air is the element of Libra and libras like to convey their thoughts to the others. 

Libra's strength and weaknesses 

Libras are stylish and artistic and they love being surrounded by beautiful things. They are a pleasure to be with as they always know what to say at the right time which makes people comfortable. 
Libras love to know more about people. Scales make a fair argument and Libras are too nice and polite to argue with people.  
Libras could be lazy at times but team exercise motivate them. They love the sky and outdoor activities. When it comes to love, Libras are very romantic and loyal.
Fairness, peace and harmony are all Libras pursue for. 

Flower for Libra

Libra loves beautiful things and roses are perfect for all occasions which is perfect for a sociable Libra.
roses basket

Scorpio: Oct 23 - November 21

 Symbol: Scorpion

 Element : Water

 Planet: Mars, Pluto

 House : 8th

 Colour: Black and Red

 Scorpio Sign Traits

Scorpios are independent, passionate and are not afraid of debates or controversies. Their world is only black and white and no place for grey. Scorpios have immense curiosity and love to get to the bottom of things even if the truth is not pretty. They hate hypocrites. 

 Scorpio Symbol and Element

 Scorpio has the ultimate control of their own destiny. Scorpios are stubborn, determined and hard-working which lead them to success. Water is the element of Scorpio which makes them emotional at times.   
Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. This planetary duo makes Scorpio motivated, penetrating and aware. 

Scorpio's strength and weaknesses 

 Scorpions are great observers and pay attentions to everything about the others. Sometimes scorpions could be come across as intimidating if you do not know them well. You Can't get much information out of them given that their complex and secretive traits. Scorpios are very resourceful but whoever gets in their way should be very careful as they could also be vindictive.   
Once you get through the walls of Scorpios, you will find a passionate,loyal and loving person. They will be your best mate and the most dedicated employee. You do not want to end up the opposite as they could be your worst enemies.
In love, scorpions are very caring and devoted. They want their partners 100% honest and in the bedroom scorpions could be extremely lusty! They are very imaginative and generous when it comes to sex and they are always up for anything all night long. 

Flower for Scorpio

Since Scorpios are passionate and sensual, flowers with hot hues are highly recommended.  Red roses are prefect for scorpions. 

Sagittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21

 Symbol: The Archer/ Centaur

 Element : Mutable Fire

 Planet: Jupiter

 House : 9th

 Colour: Navy Blue and Maroon

 Sagittarius Sign Traits

Sagittarius enjoy living with freedom and easiness and searching the meaning of life is vital to them. They tend to be interested in philosophy and religion. 

 Sagittarius Symbol and Element

   The Centaur is the symbol of Sagittarius and the element of Sagittarius is fire. 

Sagittarius's strength and weaknesses

 Optimism is the primary strength of Sagittarius. They are happy, enthusiastic because they tend to find it easy to see the bright side of life. They rarely doubt themselves and usually believe that things will work our for the best. 
Sagittarius enjoy travel and adventures and their lives are usually packed with amazing experiences. They are also good at teaching and story telling.  
Sagittarians adapt to changes quickly and they are rarely jealous since they enjoy freedom.
Sagittarius enjoy adventures and freedom and people need to manage their expectations when they try to get a Sagittarius to commit to a long-term relationship. 
Sagittarius could be come across as impulsive, impatient and short tempered at times. 

Flower for Sagittarius

Exotic flower such as carnations are perfect for Sagittarius which reflect their passions, independence, hunger for adventures and live for the moment.

Capricorn: Dec 21 - Jan 20

 Symbol: The Sea-Goat

 Element : Cardinal Earth

 Planet: Saturn

 House : 10th

 Colour: Brown and Khaki

 Capricorn Sign Traits

Capricorns are hard working, ambitious, practical, pragmatic and determined. They work extremely hard to achieve their goals. 

 Capricorn Symbol and Element

  The Sea Goat is the symbol of Capricorn and which was regarded as the protective god of water by the Babylonians. Earth is the element of Capricorn.  

Capricorn's strength and weaknesses

 Capricorn is down to earth, determined and hard working. They can be loyal friends/business partners/lovers.
The strength of Capricorn is also his weakness. Since they are extremely determined which can be come across as stubborn and relentless. They might have difficulties in understand that people have different values and needs. 
Capricorns are ambitious and materialistic and they won't ask for help when they need it.

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