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Clementine Flower Bouquet

Clementine Flower Bouquet

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Introducing "Clementine" flower bouquet that radiates happiness and warmth. With its vivid colors and cheerful aura, it's the perfect gift to light up any celebration.

Experience a delightful blend of colors that instantly uplifts the mood. Each flower in the "Clementine" bouquet has been handpicked to create a harmonious and lively arrangement, making it a visual treat.

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, "Clementine" is the go-to choice to add a touch of joy and vibrancy. It's not just a bouquet; it's a celebration of life's beautiful moments.


Medium bouquet : width 25cm approx

Large bouquet : width 26-30cm approx

XL bouquet : width 31-35cm approx

Flower Care Tips

  1. Remove flowers from packaging
  2. Fill a clean vase 2/3 with fresh water
  3. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut 2cm off each stem at a 45-degree angle
  4. Remove leaves that are below the waterline
  5. Enjoy your flowers bloom

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